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Apple Cider Syrup

Three Springs Fruit Farm

Apple Cider Syrup is a product inspired by one I had frequently in my youth - especially at Apple Harvest Festival here in Adams County. This version is made with 100% Three Springs apples and is boiled down at Eden Valley Farm Market, the same folks who press our cider. This initial batch... it's a little over cooked. It won't be the ideal pancake topping I'd hoped it would be - it has a little bit of a bitter note, a little smokey/scorched kind of note in there. I still like it on pancakes... but maybe not a "traditional" syrup flavor in this batch. Kids will likely be more sensitive to it. Other ideas for this stuff! In speaking with some bartender friends of mine - this makes an EXCELLENT stand in for demerara or turbinado in your Old Fashioned. I'm looking at you, Don Draper. Also - a nice substitution for grenadine. We'll keep working on the process - getting that syrup consistency without the bitterness of over-cooked cider. If you find this batch isn't for you, don't give up on us! We're gonna keep working on it until it's perfect!

12 oz

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