2019 Gold Rush Barrel-Aged SVC

Ploughman Cider

Cider is an agricultural product that changes based on all the environmental factors that affect agriculture any given year. As a means of study, let's consider this new Gold Rush, barrel-aged, single-varietal cider from the 2019 harvest season. The 2018 growing year was one notably for excessive rain and cloudiness. The cider from those fruit are a testament to the quality of the variety and the soils because the weather did that beverage no favor! Fast forward to the following fall - the 2019 season was much brighter, sunnier, and more gentle. The results are a bigger, brighter acidity, more apple aroma, more citrus aroma - this is a much more expressive cider than the 2018 and we were really pleased with that one too!

ABV 8.9% / 750ml

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