N.F.G. (No Fawkes Given)

Ploughman Cider

Vowing vengeance against invasive vegetation, vigorously did A Few Bad Apples vaporize Pittsburgh's autumn olive, adding them to this cider. Cutting cumbersome chips and casting them into their kiln, bathed the boughs of the honey locust tree therein. Ploughman, for it's part, proudly poured prodigious pommes upon them; Jonagold and crab apples. So satisfying was the subsequent cider! Both in sensory stimulation but also in vile verdant vanquishing. Remember, remember, the 5th of November, when Ploughman and AFBA did plot. We saw no reason, to avoid such treason; this cider - shan’t be forgot.

  • Alcohol 6.9% / 750mml

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