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Apple Cider Vinegar

Three Springs Fruit Farm


A collaboration between Three Springs Fruit Farm and Keepwell Vinegar!

Here's a note from the fine folks at Keepwell Vinegar:

"Apple cider vinegar. The ur-acid, soured symbol of Edenic expulsion. All of our cider comes directly from Three Springs Fruit Farm down the road, the local leader in thoughtful & low-impact farming methods, as well as avid planters of lost and rare cider varietals. They pick out a blend of apples to press for cider each week for their markets, a balanced lineup of sour, sweet, and bitter. We’re aways pleased that they oblige us when we ask to buy a few hundred gallons here and there.

Our cider vinegar is always fermented slowly through the surface method, meaning that it settles nicely into a 4-5% acidity, and is never diluted with water."


For purchase in 12.7 oz bottles!

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